About Us


Walter Keller,  “The Timberman”

A former forester, born & raised in Switzerland, immigrated to Canada in 1967, wood carving since 1998. Progressed from a chainsaw carver to a more versatile wood sculptor, combining the big and bold of chainsaw with the intricacies of hand carving to create his artwork within the growth forms of natural wood found in our local forest environment.


Free standing sculptures, Wood Spirits, Wildlife, Aboriginal, Faces.

Alexa Hoerster

Alexa Hoerster,  “White Buffalo”

A former architect; raised and educated in Germany, immigrated to Canada in 2005 to learn the skills of wood carving.
She developed her own carving style; mainly in the techniques of sculptural high relief and three dimensional deep / low relief.
Nature is always the source of her creative impulses. This also found expression in her chosen name … WHITE BUFFALO.


Relief carving, Wildlife, Landscape, Plants